Tekken 7 - Jin's Electric Wind Hook Fist (EWHF) combos

All the Mishima’s in Tekken have a special move called the Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF), which has better properties over their normal versions.

To execute it, you need to input F, [neutral], D, DF+2; but the key to doing an EWGF is that DF and 2 must be hit on the same frame as each other. If you see lightning all over their body you have done it successfully.

Jin Kazama has two variants of the EWGF:

  • Electric wind hook fist (EWHF) - F, [neutral], D, DF+2; this is the electric version of his hook fist;
  • Electric crouchdash+1 (eCD+1) - F, [neutral], D, DF+1); this is the electric version of thrusting uppercut.

Some advantages of Jin's EWHF over normal hook fist include:

  • Slightly more damage
  • Faster startup (good for whiff punishing) and faster recovery (safe on block)
  • Becomes a launcher for combo setup - it acts like a normal version with counter hit properties

Take a look at some of Jin's EWHF combos (including two rage combos) below, performed on a KeyCade KKL by BoAngel: