Frame data, damage and hitbox to arcade controller button layout


From frame data, damage and hitbox to arcade controller button layout - understanding all of the above is what makes a great fighting gamer.

Gamers who are passionate about their fighting games spend so much time studying and understanding every little detail of game mechanics. However, just like understanding frame data, damage and hitbox; arcade controllers need to be studied and understood to be effective. Once a gamer has this understanding the nuances of the buttons layouts to fine tune their execution, even the slightest change in button positioning and size can throw a player off. This can compromise execution, even if only very slightly - at high levels of play, this can mean the difference between winning and losing a competitive tournament.

Variations on directional controls have recently been released to cater for players who don’t like to play with arcade sticks. However, these often come with altered action button layout and size from the accepted standard in fighting game arcade controllers, which can severely affect peak performance, forcing players who were familiar with this standard to retrain their muscle memory and readapt their techniques. This also makes it difficult for players who like to use more than one controller type (i.e. who regularly switch between controllers).

The KeyCade BBL and BBR series features buttons for directional control, WITHOUT changing the accepted standard for action button layout and size. This not only significantly reduces the the retraining and readaptation required to use these controllers, but also makes it so much easier to switch between controller types!