X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Magneto and Gambit Infinite Combos

X-Men vs. Street Fighter is an old school Capcom fighting game known for its crazy infinite combos. Amongst the most execution heavy and difficult combos include Magneto's Infinite Combos, which in the video below features not only 99+ hits, but is complicated because of the:

  • down-forward directional air dashes, must be IMMEDIATELY be followed by a j.LK before the opponent recovers (named ROM's loops after the Japanese player's name);
  • Magnetic Tempest supers which need to be executed with a QCFU ("Tiger Knee") motion so that the opponent is high enough off the ground to be juggled with a s.HK again to connect the next Hyper Grav.

(The combo input timing differs depending on character sizes - execute the j.D+LK and MK slightly slower for smaller/lighter characters.)

The video also features Gambit's Infinite Combos, which features not only a dizzy, a super, and even three different variations of the kinetic card loop, which are quite difficult to time and requires an immediate dash after recovery after getting too far away from the opponent.

(The super jump string sj.LK sj.MP sj.MK sj.HP should be spaced out a little bit, but the sj.HK should be hit as soon as possible after the sj.HP. The F direction should also be held during the repeated s.LK s.MP s.MK s.HK string.)

See the combos executed on a KeyCade KKL, performed by BoAngel: