Custom artwork for joysticks and controllers


Let's face it - we all want to be unique. Unfortunately, in the fighting game world, it is often difficult and expensive to customize your own arcade style controller, whether it be a joystick or keys/buttons variant.

KeyCade Arcade controllers makes it simple to customize your own controller. All you need to do is provide your favorite artwork* and voila - it will be printed onto the acrylic panel to give you that individual touch. It's really as simple as that.

Have a look at some of the samples of the acrylic panels with custom artwork below - EVEN THOUGH ONLY THE KEYBOARD KEYS VARIANT IS PICTURED BELOW, ALL MODELS including joysticks, buttons only variants and buttons and keys variants can customized front acrylic panels:

Custom example #1Custom example #1

Custom Example #2Custom Example #2

Custom Example #3Custom Example #3

When sending images:

  • Size ideally should be at least 2068 x 1240 pixels, otherwise the print will appear blurry
  • If the image is copyright or the intellectual property does not belong to the client (person making the order), the author's permission together with a signed licencing agreement is required to produce the custom acrylic plate. The client assumes all legal responsibility and costs for incorrect use of intellectual property and copyrighted material!
  • Please ask us for a template if you want a reference of where the buttons are positioned on the panel. We cannot guarantee printing in the exact position as the image provided - please allow a 2-3mm margin for error when printing!