Right handed arcade sticks/controllers


There are so many gamers who grew up on Atari games, who became experts at using joysticks with their RIGHT hands. These games eventually moved into fighting games playing on arcade sticks, but the left hand configuration made these gamers compromise their developed skills. Many of these players were either forced to either 1) relearn games using their non-preferred hand, 2) cross their hands over, or 3) stop playing fighting games altogether.

Some of these players are in the professional circuit even today, playing with crossed hands:

Seth Killian Right Cross-Handed Play

The KeyCade JBR finally gives these players a controller they can feel at home with. Made with the same high quality components as Japanese arcade cabinets, the KeyCade JBR uses a Sanwa JLF joystick mounted on the right side of the controller, and Sanwa OBSF-30 action buttons on the left.


Time to finally show those gamers who told you to “git gud” how skilled you really are!