KeyCade JBR UV arcade controller

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The KeyCade JBR features a Sanwa JLF joystick located on the RIGHT side of the controller, with Sanwa OBSF-30 for the action buttons. This UV variant is compatible with Playstation 3/4, PC, XBox 360/One, Nintendo Switch, Neo Geo Mini and PS Classic.

Dimensions: (W) 13.8in x (D) 9.4in x (H) 4.8in / (W) 35cm x (D) 24cm x (H) 12cm

Weight: 5.5lbs / 2.5kg

Cable: USB (Type B to Type A) 3m

Comes with product box and instruction manual.

You can select a "custom panel" variant, where an image of your choosing can be printed on the front acrylic panel. Image requirements:

  • Size ideally should be at least 2068 x 1240 pixels, otherwise the print will appear blurry
  • E-mailed to at the time of order
  • If the image is copyright or the intellectual property does not belong to the client (person making the order), the author's permission together with a signed licencing agreement is required to produce the custom acrylic plate. The client assumes all legal responsibility and costs for incorrect use of intellectual property and copyrighted material.

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